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Thermowave Merino Arctic Long Pants Women very warm winter thermal underwear for women. This thermal underwear is designed to be used in the coldest conditions: in winter and in cold weather - as a wearable first layer, and in a transitional and warm period - as the only layer. It has excellent warming properties and removes moisture well.

The main scope of Thermowave Merino Arctic Women thermal underwear:

  • Thermal underwear for people staying in the open air for a long time in winter (military, fishermen, hunters, etc.), as well as in cold (unheated) rooms.
  • Warm thermal underwear for outdoor activities (alpine skiing, snowboarding, winter hiking trips, etc.).
  • Thermal underwear for everyday wear in the city in the season autumn-winter-spring - for desperate "merzlyakov"

Merino Wool wool is exceptionally thin, soft and pleasant to the touch. The thin fiber of the wool used makes it possible to obtain all the great merits of merino wool, eliminating the main disadvantage of wool - its "prickling". Such wool does not prick at all when wearing, unlike ordinary wool and thicker merino wool.

Merino Wool wool retains heat, absorbs well and removes moisture, has natural antibacterial properties, underwear has no odor even after long-term wearing, reduces muscle fatigue and gives a feeling of comfort (more details in the tab "About Merino Wool").

Thermowave Merino Arctic LS Jersey Women

  • Natural material
  • Ingredients: 95% merino wool, 5% elastane (inserts: 94% merino wool, 3% polyester, 3% elastane)
  • The optimum temperature for such thermal underwear when outside the window is +0 ...- 30 C °
  • Flat seams and ergonomic fit - provide comfortable wearing of thermal underwear.
  • Natural thermoregulation of wool - in thermal underwear is not hot in the room, but comfortable outside.
  • Mesh inserts, contribute to a more efficient removal of moisture.
  • Excellent antibacterial properties of merino wool.

The entire line of Thermowave thermal underwear is made in Lithuania and meets the highest quality standards of the European Union. For maximum efficiency of this thermal underwear, membrane jackets should be the top layer of clothing . Then the moisture will be actively output outside.


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