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Men's ski skis LOWA X-ALP ULTRA. New redesigned X-Alp range for ski touring. The skeleton is made of transparent polypropylene with three hardnesses. The overlap creates three areas with different mechanical flexibility. It is reinforced by a ribbed structure made of hexagons and circles, which not only results in material savings, but also gives considerable relief while maintaining the required mechanical strength. The large range of creep when putting the dumbbell into the riser position prolongs significantly the step in the climb. Turning the buckle into the down position increases the stiffness of the skeleton for perfect curve guidance. The robust mechanism ensures a perfect fixation of the ankle joint of the skeleton in the down position. When released in the walking position, the rear spoiler (s) which also contributes to the prolongation of the walking and climbing step. Both the Ski / Walker and the Ski / Walk mechanism are made of magnesium alloys that provide high strength and durability while maintaining a low weight. All 3 buckles are so-called. Micro-adjustable, also included Velcro fastening (Velcro fastener). The skier contains the skeleton to prevent the ingress of water. The inner shoe is made of lightweight lightweight 3D fit shape material, padding material for a simple fit, without a sole. Trigger: 3 magnet micro buckles with possibility of fixation for walking mode + Power Strap strap adjustment of the lateral inclination.Precord: VIBRAM X - Alps with the possibility of simple replacement, fitting with allen screws.When buying this skis in the sete (ski, binding) we offer you an even better price !! The magnitude of skialpinistical skis is given in the Mondopoint (MP) system. You can easily measure MP size yourself. Stand back to the wall - slide the heel to the wall. Then measure the distance between the toe and the fingers exactly. Round length to 0.5cm precision. Transfer from MP to EU or UK size can be found here.

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