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32000 RSD



Technical parameters:


  • Skeleton construction with 3 stiffnesses

The skeleton is made of three hardness polyolefins. The overlap creates three areas with different mechanical flexibility.


  • Lightweight frame construction

The skeleton is reinforced with a ribbed structure made of hexagons and rings, which not only reduces material savings, but also significantly relieves the desired mechanical strength.


  • Swiveling buckle with dual power switch

The large extent of the chin when the squeegee buckle is placed into the climbing position prolongs the step significantly when climbing. Turning the buckle into the down position increases the stiffness of the skeleton for perfect arc guidance.


  • Ski / Walk mechanism and buckles

The robust mechanism ensures that the ankle joint of the skeleton cuff is perfectly secured in the down position. When released in the walk position, the rear spoiler is simultaneously inserted, which also contributes to the extension of the walking and climbing step. The buckles and the Ski / Walk mechanism are made of magnesium alloys ensuring high strength and durability while keeping light weight. All 4 buckles are so-called. micro-adjustable, also included Velcro fastener (Velcro).


  • Replaceable sole with VIBRAM tread

Separate tip and heel, one size for all shoe sizes, easily replaceable with Allen screws with Dynafit TLT binding.


  • Internal standard anatomically shaped boot (3D-Anatomic Fit) with anti-slip soles.


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