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Waterproof Bag FERRINO Aquastop XS


The Waterproof Bag FERRINO Aquastop XS is a practical accessory made of a lightweight but durable material. It not only protects its contents from getting wet, dirty and damaged, but also reduces their size. Its water-resistance makes it suitable for water sports. However, it will also come in handy on any (not only camping) trip. Made of reinforced nylon with a PVC coating and taped seams, the Waterproof Bag FERRINO Aquastop XS features rotating closure with a buckle, which makes it watertight. Its 2l volume makes the Waterproof Bag FERRINO Aquastop XS suitable for your smallest items.


Technical description:

  • Protects contents from moisture, damage and dirt
  • Reduces size of contents
  • Water-resistant rotating closure system with buckle
  • Volume: 2l
  • Dimensions: 23 x 40cm
  • Material: reinforced nylon with PVC coating
  • Suitable for water use, camping and other outdoor activities


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