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Crispi SWAT EVO is a smooth uniform boot for police, military and security companies. The upper part is made of full grain leather and has been stabilized extra with the Crispi Skeleton Frame which provides support from two directions. The boot is completely waterproof thanks to a GORE TEX® Ultimate - a very durable lining. The outsole gives good grip, cushioning and insulation and the whole boot feels almost like a jogging shoe. Outside of the shaft there is a fiberglass footprint cover to protect from kicks and bumps.

Choosing boots

Boots should preferably be well-received, enter them well before setting off on a hike. When it's time for new ones, you should know what kind of strain you will put on them. Forest walks, hikes on the trail or on unbroken ground place different demands on stability and shaft height.

The fit is very important, try several different models so you certainly found the right reading, size and model. When standing up in a laced boot, you should not have any contact with the toes at the front. The heel should stay in its rearmost position when lacing the boot. 
Factors that will otherwise control your choice are, for example, protection against moisture, cold, heat and appearance. Boots require maintenance, lubrication and waxing and careful drying. 
There are different kinds of insoles that you can supplement with. There are insoles that provide extra insulation (Superfeet merino gray, wool white) extra support (Superfeet green for boots, blue for sports shoes and walking).

Don't forget to go into your boots before you set off on your adventure. With us you have 14 days of open purchase, walk around with the boots in the home in the evening when your feet are usually the biggest so you really bought the right model.

Socks. Whatever one chooses to wear in their boots, the basic rule is always 2 layers, ie stocking (well-fitting) and sock (porous) which gives possible friction between the layers and not against the skin. Sock number 1 is a so-called liner (well-fitting sock that transports the moisture away quickly. 
Sock number 2 chooses thickness as well as what gets fit in the boot but at the same time thick enough to get the boot to sit properly. (You reduce the volume in the boot)

It is important that it does not get too crowded in the boots, then the blood circulation in the feet is inhibited. You should choose socks made of wool, for example cotton binds. 
How many socks to wear with you varies but you should change frequently and, for example, wipe the damp pair on the backpack, with dry feet reducing the risk of shoveling.


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